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[on semi-hiatus]. lyka. 19. filipina. nine dorks ladies. the totoro of my life, my bias wrecker and my little dork. nampyeon. they seldom have moments but whenever they have one, all i can do is smile: haefany. photoshopping. my japanese otp. talk to me anytime. ”Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets.”♕


WWOAH!!! The dance moves are just… woah! I hope they’ll perform this to music shows along with holler. o.o JUST!

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140916 TaeTiSeo @ Holler Showcase

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Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas





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-Ashley (sergeant-ashley)


-Ashley (sergeant-ashley)

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TTS’ cameo in Red Velvet’s “Happiness” MV

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countdown to tiffany’s birthday:

    ↳ D-1 - What world think of Tiffany Hwang

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soshiworldkpop © stepihwang


I would never let this day pass without saying happy birthday to the one and only person whom I ever idolized. I’ve never thought of being addicted to a group ever in my life most especially the member itself not just because of their songs. I have artists whom I really listen to but I’ve never had an artist who I super duper adore everything she do. It’s been 5 years since I became a SONE and it’s actually one of the best thing that I will treasure for a lifetime. The 9 Girls whom I truly adore and love, who brings happiness even with a simple gestures they make. And to my ultimate girl bias, Tiffany Hwang. Though I’ve seen so much hate people thrown at you, all I can see is the near-to-perfect girl who is very caring and thoughtful towards the members and to the fans. I just wish you happiness and success to whatever journey you will take for the next years of your life. You have taught me so much though I haven’t seen you personally but you have influenced me in a good way. Your smile is the best thing ever and your faith in God is what makes you more beautiful. Keep on smiling but once in a while, just let it out whatever burden your carrying. People might hate you for being you but there are more people who love you because you are you. Thank you~

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wait a minute

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